KUTJO, active for sustainable development

KUTJO is not just a cleaning spray for your screens.
Aware of current environmental issues, the brand wanted to demonstrate ethics, respect and ecology through the offer of its products.


Your disinfectant spray is entirely made in France. Not only to create quality products but also to support the French economy.
Your cleaning kit is also rechargeable!
Once your spray is purchased and the first refill of disinfectant lotion exhausted (after about 250 sprays), you can simply buy a refill of disinfectant liquid and keep your previously purchased spray.

Find our cleansing lotions here: https://kutjo.com/en/48-recharges

The packaging used for your cleaning kit is a plastic pouch
 who has several vocations:

It serves as a protective cover for your spray but also for your smartphone! Slide inside the pocket to prevent scratches on your phone screen.
It's a reusable pouch, no need to throw it in the trash! Open and close at will, this resistant pouch will accompany you for months.
The plus: it is touch (practical to use your smartphone) and waterproof. It does not let itself penetrate, impregnate with water. (Caution, not to be confused with waterproof, you can not put your smartphone under water with this pouch

Find all our products here: https://kutjo.com/en/54-sprays


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