Your mobile, a bacterium nest. When to disinfect it?

Smartphones, a real vector of transmission for infectious organisms.

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How is it possible ?

The bacteria on your phone can cause several diseases: food poisoning or infection. Indeed, the pathogens on your smartphone are clinging. Fingers, hands, arms and sometimes even contaminate the food and then end up in the mouth. Worse still, the transmission can also be via the ears, nostrils, cuts or even scratches.

How is it possible ? Simply because our hands are in constant contact with bacteria and especially on your phone! Even if you wash your hands before going to eat, all you need is a simple grip of your phone to be contaminated again. The only solution: continue to wash your hands but also disinfect your mobile!



How often do you disinfect your phone?

Incredible but true, it depends on your relationship to your mobile.
Indeed, if the device is only rarely used and is not used during meals, you can disinfect it several times a week without disinfecting it every day. However, if it is very often or even all the time used and manipulated, it would disinfect his smartphone every day or 2 times a day (morning and evening).


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DID YOU KNOW ? The followers of rubber hulls must even more clean their smartphone! Indeed, bacteria cling more easily on this material than on metal, glass or hard plastic components.


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