About us


Kutjo - narrated by Cyril and Alexandra Catalogna, Founders of Kutjo


The idea of ​​a cleaning kit was born in Ajaccio in December 2010.


Our children had long been wearing glasses, and these were rarely clean ...
Like many of us, we had at our disposal: a microfiber wipe, a cleaning product or the good old dishwashing detergent.


In other words, we often find ourselves: either with a glasses cleaner (not very glamorous) without microfiber or with a microfiber already too used ...

Added to this problematic, the alarming fact that our mobile phones have become through time, transformed into real nests with microbes and that too few people take the trouble to disinfect them.


Then Kutjo was born: an antimicrobial spray, a refill and a microfibre, all in an elegant setting.

We had done some research to assess whether there was already such a solution and NOTHING. That's when we built a prototype, called Pocket clean at the time. We were fortunate to have the "General Telephone" and "MOOD" signs, a subsidiary of the Orange group, believing in the potential of our product. Today they are strong partners.


Since then we have developed the concept of our cleaning kit beyond the hexagon.

Our industrial strategy "Made In France" is to manufacture our products and lotions in France, for reasons of quality and safety.


Why in France? Because it is a guarantee of quality and that the different devices (smartphones, shelves, glasses ...) that our products clean are expensive. Thus, our Cclean lotions are subjected to an irreproachable control to guarantee the respect of objects cleaned with it.


We have just won the French Tech label since May 29, 2017, which makes Kutjo a French start-up recognized by a professional ecosystem.


As often the history of Kutjo, it boils down to a story of men.


Alexandra and Cyrille Catalogna, founders of Kutjo